Character placement help

how do i place my character in front of the microphone, so it looks like they’re talking to the crowd?

You’d have to make the microphone an overlay.

sorry but i worded my previous question wrong

i want my character to look like their talking into the microphone so i basically want them behind the microphone facing the crowd showing their back to the screen

You have to use a rear animation. I’m guessing you want to use talk_rear.

Note: With rear animations, make sure the character is facing the opposite direction you want them to face in. If you want the character to face left while talking, make them face right

how do i do that?

what zone does it have to be in?

If you want her/him to talk in the microphone, I think that’d be zone 2.

If you want them to have their backs to the camera while talking, it’s the same thing as using a regular animation.

CHARACTER (talk_rear)
Hey everyone!

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thanks very much :slight_smile:

sorry for troubling you, this is my first episode story i’m writing so i’m just confused on how things work

You weren’t troubling me at all! Happy to help. :wink: :heart: