Character Placement (LIMELIGHT)

so i’m writing a character sitting in a chair and i used the spot placement, but idk how to keep the character in the same spot or keep the character to do that action, would i have to retype the line to keep the action going? here’s the script to help give a visual:

&WINNIE 0.633 176 251 in zone 1 AND WINNIE faces right AND WINNIE is read_sit_book_open_neutral_loop (Change the spot numbers. These were random.)

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hey! so, since you helped me yesterday, i was wondering if you could help me again? i’m writing a scene where two characters text during class, but the teacher tells them to stop, but now it has the dialogue written in text form and i can’t fix it, can you help? this is what it looks like:

set format cinematic

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You have to write set format cinematic
You also have an error. You have @LUNA left - Change that to @LUNA faces left and @WINNE faces right

Edit: Oof. I didn’t see that ^

For set format phonetext, it is fine to write without needing to write faces :heart:


Oh… I’ll just delete my comment lol. Thanks for letting me know, love! :blob_hearts:

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No, u can leave it, dw, it’s really helpful, you are a very helpful, kindhearted person OK :revolving_hearts: :sunflower:


hi! (sorry i must be so annoying omg) but i’m writing a bar scene, and i need a bit of help with layering the male behind the bar (ZANE) while the female at the bar just comes for champagne, giggles at Zane’s wink, and leaves (FEMALE5) help, please?

OK, first:

I recommend @FlowerGriefer for help with cutting this out :blush: :heart:


Thanks @JemU776 :wink::tulip:

Here’s the bar overlay for ya @heyitstoni :+1::tulip:


thank you both! @JemU776 @FlowerGriefer :heart:


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