Character placing at a party

Hi, guys. :heart:
I’m struggling to place my characters in a party scene.
This is how my script looks now.


@JOE changes into JOE_party
@HAZEL changes into HAZEL_party
@LAW changes into LAW_party
@ALMA changes into ALMA_party
@FINN changes into FINN_party
@CHRISTIAN changes into CHRISTIAN_party

@cut to zone 2

@STELLA2 enters from left to screen left
@AMBER2 enters from left to upscreen left

@JOE spot 0.757 169 289 in zone 2 AND JOE faces right AND HAZEL spot 0.791 228 259 in zone 2 AND HAZEL faces left AND HAZEL is talk_neutral_loop

@pan to zone 3
@pause for a beat

@LAW spot 0.742 160 293 in zone 3 AND LAW is kiss_passionate_loop AND LAW faces left AND ALMA spot 0.798 119 263 in zone 3 AND ALMA is kiss_passionate_loop_rear

@pan to zone 4
@pause for a beat

@FINN stands back left AND FINN faces right AND CHRISTIAN stands back right AND CHRISTIAN is talk_neutral_loop
@pause for a beat

Can someone please help me with it?

what was the error that what in the box? What did the error said?

There isn’t an error. Their standing positions just look out of balance :roll_eyes:

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I just want tips for how I could make them look more “natural”

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If you want the characters to look more natural then I suggest change and set their positions on the episode app and copy their position spots from there to the writing portal …it really helps

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Thank you so much. I completely forgot that i can do it from the app.

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Your Welcome!:grin:


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