Character placing HELP

Hi, I know how to scale and shift characters, used this many time now
BUT for some reason my one character in a scene will NOT behave himself lol
As you will see form my picture, I have underlined what I have told him to be on the screen, but for some reason he ends up too high at a different scale
How do I rectify this?

This is just a guess, I really don’t know if this will work at all but try to remove the - from the spot code.

Like I said I don’t know if this will work??:sweat_smile::joy:

Didn’t make a difference :confused:
Thanks for trying though

change & to @ on line 585 if this won’t help you need to check if the spots are right

got it now, i got rid of the transition sit stand to squat line

Can you advice why this isn’t working?
I’ve never had this problem before, I got rid of my overlay because it said error, then it came up with this error message instead :confused:

Could you Show me the Background?

there isn’t one, it’s black

That transition command looks weird, normally it is supposed to be ‘in 2’ and what Background is it supposed to be?

It’s my own background
And the transition commands in previous scene work, it’s literally the @cut to zone 2 that is showing the error

Your background must begin with INT. or EXT.

LOL :joy::see_no_evil::joy::see_no_evil: Oh yea haha

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