Character point system not working

So I created the character PHOTO COUNT to keep track of when the player takes photos, but whenever I try to add a point to PHOTO COUNT, I get a warning that the line is not a valid directing command. I tried placing the character PHOTO COUNT in the scene out of view, but it still doesn’t work. Has the syntax for adding character points changed or am I missing something?

WEI WUXIAN (talk_apathetic)
What should I do now?

“Take photos on the pier” {
@PHOTO COUNT spot 0.947 196 52 in zone 3
@LAN XICHEN stands upscreen left in zone 2 AND LAN XICHEN faces right
@LAN SIZHUI spot 0.947 196 52 in zone 2
@LAN JINGYI spot 0.969 277 48 in zone 2
@add Sandwich Tomato Lettuce Ham to LAN XICHEN
@add Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich Bread Brown to LAN JINGYI
@LAN JINGYI is eat_food_hand_neutral
@add Panini Sandwich Bread Brown to LAN SIZHUI

    WEI WUXIAN (takephoto_camera_happy)
The weather is pretty nice today, I think I can get some nice shots of the pier from here.

    WEI WUXIAN (takephoto_camera_happy)
I'm getting some really good pictures! I can definitely use a few for my Yunmeng photo story!

    WEI WUXIAN (talk_neutral)
Huh, do I know the people standing over there?


That isn’t all of the choice code, but that code includes two long scenes of dialogue and I didn’t think it was the issue. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Remove the space before 1.

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Thank you so much! I was getting so frustrated over that, so knowing it was a simple spacing issue is a relief!

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No problem!

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