Character Point System

I am really struggling understanding the point system thing.

So I want there to be two categories
1 Family
2 Wiccan

I have already made characters under “Family” and “Wiccan” to add / subtract points in the script.

I also want there to be points with characters as well.
So like,

:point_down: my script

How do you show the reader they gained / lost points while in gameplay?

Check out this on the Points System: The Points System

And to show the reader they lost or gained a point, you can use a readerMessage.

Here’s a thread on how to add a readerMessage into your story: Reader Messages / Text Effects Guide Updates

You’d write
readerMessage <text>

And <text> would be replaced with what you want to appear.


readerMessage The MC has a crazy addiction to cupcakes.

Great!!! How do I use to points towards choices?

as @Dara.Amarie said on her thread:

GIRL (talk_flirt)
Hi, it’s nice to meet you.

“Be nice” {

BOY (talk_happy_smile) +2
Such a pleasure to meet you!

} “Be neutral” {

BOY (talk_neutral)
Oh hi.
@BOY +1

} “Be mean” {

BOY -2 (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Don’t talk to me.

You add the points after the choice not in the choice themselves.

What do you mean by add the points after the choice? TIA!