Character Positioning

So im writing this funeral scene and i want to start it off by having the characters positioned in a way so that their backs are showing not their front. I also want a person giving like a speech in the front

how do i do this?

So All You Use Is @Character Stands Back Right And Character Faces Left

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^ use this picture as an example.

  • have the characters you want turned around watching to do the rear animation, and use spot directing to drag them to the bottom of the screen so only around half of their bodies are showing.
  • put the character giving a speech in the center and make them smaller (this will make it realistic, think of the viewpoint).
  • make sure the characters watching the speech are in a higher layer than the person giving the speech.

@CHARACTER moves to layer 2
@SPEECHGIVER moves to layer 1

i hope this makes sense !!

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Thanks very much! This was helpful

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no problem!