Character Practice Edits! (Status: Open!)

Hey there! I am making edits for PRACTICE! You can, of course, use these in your story or your profile picture but WARNING! I’m not very good at edits…
Any who here are rules:


  1. Credit me at my insta @ameliamora.episode
  2. If your gonna request and don’t like don’t be afraid to tell me I can fix things.
  3. Use the password: hai
    If you don’t I will not make you a edit!

ps. I might be coming out with art scenes later!


Thanks for requesting!


I love your work! I’d love one!

I want one, I’ll get all the character details together for you. You can do her how ever. I want it as my PFP and I will post on IG also and tag you.

Wow… I didn’t think they would come in this fast! I will get working on it right now it will be done by tomorrow night by the latest! Tysm for requesting!

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I did not think i was gonna get 2 at a time I will start yours asap after turtlecats!

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You’re examples are amazing! Idk why you set my edit I made you as your pfp because your work is so much better!


She can be in any cloths also :slight_smile: and sounds great.

To be honest i had no idea my work was even as great as you made it sound i have been making edits for almost 4 months but was a bit scared to show my work cause i thought it was awful. ps. your edits are amazing!

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Kay im on it tysm for requesting!

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I love your edits!


Hi! I’m not gonna request, but I really want to say that your work is amazing! :heart_eyes: Right now I’m working on a story and I will keep your thread in mind if I will need an edit! Anyways, your work is awesome!

You and Sofia are the last ones for today i have to catch up this is a ton of work that i am happy to do thanks so much for requesting!


Thank you so much you are so nice! I hope you have a great night or day (depends where you live) and have fun writing your story!

Thanks! You are really nice, too! I’m sure you’ll do these edits awesome!

I can do yours and @Episode.Cameronwrite! Tysm for requesting!


No problem your work is amazing girl! :joy:

I made this one rlly quick! Episode was being difficult and didn’t let me put in a pose sorry! I hope you still like it @Turtle_Cat

@Turtle_Cat I can redo yours because the app I use was having a glitch while I made it so it was hard so if you want a redo tell me

Here you go @Bethany1 hope you like it!

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