Character Practice Edits! (Status: Open!)

Oh I love it thank you, I will post to IG in a bit I’m working on my story right know. :slight_smile:

Kay take your time! Hope your story turns out great!

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

Sorrrru! Totally didn’t respond bc I forgot.:joy:
You don’t have to! It looks awesome!

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@sofia2 here’s your edit! My computer died and I couldn’t find my charger so I had to make it on mobile, it doesn’t have the clothes you wanted or pose but I hope you still like it :heart:

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Do you want ink and limelight or want me or you to pick one???

Omg that’s amazing thank you so much!

Limelight please

I’ve never done Limelight before but I can try

You can do ink if you want

K thanks! :grin::blush:

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Hey I’m almost done with your drawing it will be done by tonight!

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Finished! For @Episode.Cameronwrite! Sorry if this is not what you wanted or bad Ink wasn’t working, so I had to do limelight! But i hope you still like it!

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Thank you

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hey! I see you have a lot of requests, but the status is still open - so does this mean I can still request? :sparkling_heart:

Haha this post is rlly old :joy::joy: but sure i could make one! Nothing complicated though i have a TON of things to do :sob::sneezing_face::joy::joy:

Ahh! thank you sm! I’ll PM you <3