Character Problem


Hey, I wanted some help with art here, my question is:

Let’s say I have an edit of a character to make, how do I remove the background?

I know it’s a dumb question to make, but I’ve tried using everything, selection, select by color, I’ve tried PaintToolSai, Gimp, PaintNET, everything to remove the background from the character, how do I emove it in a clean way? with no fragments?


When I make it, it becomes blocky, like this:

How do I make it look like this instead, without needing to erase manually all the edges?:


Are you using a phone or laptop




Have you tried befunky?


No, is it for PC?


Yes. It had a cutout option I think it may work better


I could do it for you, if you’d like any thing else like this be sure to check out my thread :wink:


Thank you!


the cutout option is for premium user only.