Character Prompts [Game]

I’m not sure if anyone has made a game like this so I thought I would!

Basically, one person says three words and the next person has to make a character out of it. That includes giving them a name and personality.


Person A: Puppies, Rainbows, Pastel

Person B: Name: Lily Migro
Personality: She’s a 15 year-old girl who loves Rainbows, puppies, and the outdoors. She loves wearing pastel colors. She’s also very childish

Words: ???

I’ll go first.
Secrets, Purple, Social Media.


Name: Purpelina De Color
Personality: Purpelina was often bullied because of her weird name as child, but however during her transition to middle school Purpelina gained the characteristics that made everyone hate her even more! She loves to gossip and spread them through social media, what’s the harm in that?

Words: Jumprope, Blue, Trust

Jackie Williams
Personality: She is very naive. She tends to trust people too much. Jackie is only 6. She loves to make friends and always get them to play jumprope with her. Not only that, but she have a huge obsession with the color blue. She would wear mostly blue and her bedroom is blue.

Words: Innocent, crazy, gum

Name: Alicia Vunder

Personality: From a distance, Alicia portrays a naive and innocent 12 year old who is very sweet and trusting. However, once she grows accustomed to you or the other way around, she will quickly grow to become a crazy wild card. Alicia enjoys taking risks and has ADHD, making her very hyper. You can usually see her with some gum in her mouth or a fidget cube to help her.

Words: Gloomy, pessimistic, clouds

Name: Miley Anderson

Personality: When Miley was younger, she used to have the nickname “Smiley”, because she was always so happy and bubbly and sweet. But society changed that. Miley began to hate herself, and became gloomy and pessimistic, the opposite of what she was before. It was as if rain clouds were above her head. Miley became distant and didn’t talk her friends. The day after her sixteenth birthday, she decided to see a therapist.

Words: Stupid, bullies, funny

Name | Mika Deliven

Personality | Mika is the number one bully in her campus. She was always back bited by her enemjes as stupid because she bullies everyone who was on top of her. What’s funny is that Mika herself discriminates stupid people.

Words | Friendly, Discriminate, Albinism

Name: Amy Langford
Personality: Amy was born with albinism. Since there were lots of albino kids in the community, separate primary schools were created for albinos and “normal” kids. She was known as the friendliest kid in the school. However, there were no segregated high schools. When she moved to high school, she was forced to interact with the “normal” kids. They were very accepting of her because they knew she couldn’t change the fact that she had albinism, but she could only discriminate against the other kids because she didn’t know how to act.
Words: Spaghetti, princess, lazy

Name: Princess Rosaline Delgado

Personality: Rosaline likes to be called Rose and is very, very lazy. She literally sits around all day watching TV and bossing her loyal servants around. She is obviously a princess, and she takes a strong liking to spaghetti. Especially since her parents say it’s too sloppy a food to be eaten by a princess.

Words: Magic, Fierce, Purple

Name: Angelina Johns

Personality: Angelina got Magic at age 6, she dyed her hair purple at age 15, people all were saying shes a Fierce (Someone Who scares off animals)
Is it true?

Words: Remarkable, bride, Tree

Name: Lora Harmsworth

Personality: Lora was considered remarkable in her town. She worked with her dad who cut down trees to give papers to children. Lora also helped out around the town as a volunteer. By age 25 Lora was finally ready to get married, and she knew exactly who she wanted to be her bride.

Words: Dead, Swam, Cat

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