Character Randomizer

Can we just talk about the character randomizer? :joy: It gives me the absolute wonkiest looking characters :sob:


You’re not alone, I never use it… because I always like to create my own characters. But I’m guilty of being curious before, and I just had to try it out! Never again! :rofl: :joy:


Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.


I only used it for unimportant characters in the background of a scene, and I thought it would save some time, but I spend more time clicking the re-try button than I would making a character :joy:


Truly nightmare fuel :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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literally terrifying lmao, which is why I always take my time with every background character


Pure nightmare fuel!


aaaand…I really wish Episode could do something about it, even though I know that ain’t happening, I guess :melting_face:


I’m using this for my coding requests frequently, just so I don’t lose time creating characters. But I have to say, I am occasionally re-trying, hoping it’s not that bad next. :sweat_smile:
Sometimes you can get a more or less good-looking character, but that’s rare.
Also, something I noticed the most, the randomizer really likes to use the ‘Peach’ lip tone for every male character you can imagine. I probably have five or so with that lip tone :thinking:


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I didn’t even know there was a character randomiser. How do you do it?

Love the fact that they are trying to be creative, but it truly is… interesting :sob:

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Lol! I know it’s called “randomiser” therefore the features are completely randomised, but it kind of defeats the point because every time I use it I end up having to edit the entire appearance anyway. It chucks bright light pink lips or ice blue eyes on a character with darker skin and it looks so jarring. There’s also only like 5 outfits it cycles between. Sometimes it does make a good character that looks realistic, so it can be useful but you have to randomise like 20 times before you get a good one, in which time you could’ve just made a character yourself.

Here are some of my bad randomizer creations :joy:

Side note, the male randomiser seems to be allergic to natural hair colours. It always gives mine dyed colours.

Here's some kinda cute ones to prove that it can make a good character every once in a while.


Put a character that doesn’t exist into your script, for example
@RANDOM1 stands screen center.

It should pop up with a screen like this:

Then, you’ll select which body type you want the character to have and press continue. It;ll generate a random character and you can press the “Re-try” button as many times as you want. After you’ve made the character, it’ll reload the whole page.


How to do it @FeeneyK0405 is type a name in your script that you don’t have and you should get that table thing saying that you have chars that haven’t been made and it should have the name female , male , plus size female , change to and skip . If your doing randomizer just click what u want ( female , male , plus dose female ) then continue and it should go to the randomizer


Okay cool. Thanks.


Oh, dear :joy: I have no idea how many of those abominations have appeared in my story…

I use them to reduce the amount of time I have to spend to go and create a background character that a lot of the times, may look way too similar to each other. At least the randomizer gives something different every time, and all I had to do was to make sure there was no afro hair and monolids popping up on the same person…

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