Character REFUSING to spot place correctly?

I’m in the middle of coding a scene for my story, and one of my characters is REFUSING to spot place correctly. No matter what, she’s coding smaller and to the right of what I input and it’s DRIVING ME INSANE!! :woozy_face: I’ve completely deleted her from the scene and re-coded her in, reloaded the page, closed out and opened it back up, but NOTHING is working!! I just wanna write in peace!!

Can anyone tell me what’s going on? The character’s name is Taryn.

A similar thing happened to me. I had a character who was always very tall. I typed in the coming the was I wanted pressed save and went to preview and he was super tall and the coding got messed up even tho I didn’t do anything. I ended up deleting the character and making a copy and things seem to be fine you might want to try that.

By deleting and making a copy, do you mean for just this scene? Deleting the whole character and making a new one would mess up the rest of my story- this is episode 13.

Sometimes it’s not the coding and just the character. Is Taryn in the right spot in the app? It might just be your web privewer.

In the app, both Taryn and the character “You” are enlarged and floating midair.

That’s really weird Try replacing her with a duplicate for just this science. A lot of people have told me to do that and claim that it works. I had similar problems and struggled for weeks so that’s probably your best option.

OMG, it worked :face_with_spiral_eyes: Hopefully I only have to do this for this scene only!! Thank you!! :heart:

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Of course! I’m glad you figured it out.

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