Character reverting size

Hey guys the Character SLAVADOR keeps changing size in my story can someone help me with this. I fix his spot and add it into the script but once I preview it he changes back. I’ve never had this issue but he is a new character I just made…so could it be a glitch??? Because it is just with him.
Here’s the scene.

@overlay 6534667348344832_DINER OVER shifts to -132 -143 in zone 1
@overlay 6534667348344832_DINER OVER scales to 2.103 2.103
@overlay 6534667348344832_DINER OVER moves to layer 3
@JASON spot 1.280 204 53 in zone 2
@JASON moves to layer 2
@JASON changes into diner work fit
@JASON faces right
@JASON starts idle_ball_cradle_neutral_loop
@SALVADOR spot 1.437 109 -22 in zone 1
@SALVADOR moves to layer 3
@SALVADOR faces right
@SALVADOR starts text_phone_neutral_loop
@REYNA spot 1.280 128 -7 in zone 2
@REYNA moves to layer 4
@REYNA walks to spot 1.280 259 -24 in zone 1
@REYNA moves to layer 4

    REYNA (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral) 
Mr. Security can you go remove some girls from outside. 

@SALVADOR starts eyeroll_sarcastic

@pause for 2

    SALVADOR (talk_doubtful) 
My job is taking care of you not that.
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From what I’ve read, it’s a glitch of the portal (it happens with new characters), try previewing in the app.

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okay that’s so weird! but thank you!

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I thought it was just me!

my script:


This is happening to my male LI in a new story I just created, and it’s bugging the living crap out of me. I’ll be submitting a ticket, and anyone else experiencing this should do so as well.

episode has said theyre looking into it, tory commented on another thread :))

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Ah, I see where she also mentions to submit a ticket if we haven’t done so as well :slight_smile: Awesome!