Character running out of scene - HELP PLEASE

Hello. I am strugglinf with directing as I am beginner and I am trying to have my character running out of scene but I want in the same size if you know what I mean. The character is a kid and when I normaly typed:

@BEN exits right AND BEN is run_athletic_neutral_loop

the character ran out but into the normal size. Sorry, I do not know how to properly describe it but if you know what I mean, please help. Thank you

What size are they currently? Like, what’s their previous spotting?

@BEN spot 0.446 271 296 in zone 2

@BEN walks to spot 0.446 100 296 in zone 3 in [time] and BEN does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop
@remove BEN

It gives the same effect as him exiting and removes him from the scene (the remove command isn’t necessary, just helps you know he isn’t in the scene anymore).

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Thank you so much. You helped a lot! <3

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