Character’s gone each time the apps close

Ok, so i was creating a story of mine. I had 3 uncontinued because each time i close the app it glitches. By that, i mean when i create a character on a story it is automatically there but when i have to pause close the app for a while, the next time i open the app the characters were clear!! But when i try to play the story line(beat) that is the only time it appears and when im trying to recontinue adding things, still the characters i made is nowhere to be found. Plus i’m tired recreating characters each time for a pause… and when im trying to recreate the character i made it says unable to create. Not if i change the exact name. But still the characters not reappearing. My point is how do i save the characters i made in each story i make???

And where is the delete button for the unwanted stories/file?


Yes, this has been happening with me too. I am new to this community but I already see a ton of people having this glitch. How long does it usually take for them to reply and fix the problem?

I contacted Episode about this, they told me that they are working on it. You can contact them, if you want. Unfortunately, you’ll have to write using script or wait. :frowning:


Yeah, I reported the bug yesterday. I am still waiting for their reply :frowning: