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Could someone please help me how to write dialect in different ways?? I don’t mean writing different words, I mean things like accents. I have trouble hearing accents and writing them as they sound.

I understand that some people switch her to ‘er but I don’t really know when and how to use them.

Perhaps specify some of the accents you are trying to achieve so that people who speak it or are familiar with writing that dialect are able to assist! x

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Sorry about the confusion.

I meant how lower class people would speak compared to higher class people.

I have a character who grew up in a household of lower class and is lacking in education. I would like to portray in his speech as well.

It is shown well in Blood Brothers. If you haven’t read it that’s alright, it’s just an example.

I don’t really want a specific accent as I said before so please ignore that.

I don’t mean to offend anyone here. Sorry if I do.

I think ‘blood brothers’ is actually trying to present the scouse (Liverpool) accent, in the way the lower classes speak.

I am assuming you mean British class? I learnt ab it a lot in school so I’ll do my best! Sorry if I offend anybody, I’m going off what I’ve been taught

Some general rules:

Working class
  • The T sound at the end of a word is sometimes replaced with a weak H sound. This can happen with multiple words, for example that turns to tha’

  • The H is often dropped at the beginning of words, for example, you would say ello instead of Hello;

  • The TH sound is often replaced by a F sound, For example, if you would count it will go like one, two, free . Think will become Fink

  • The TH sound can change into a V sound in the middle of a word. So instead of saying bother you will say bover .

  • sometimes the G sound will not be uttered at the end of words. For example you will say Flyin , instead of Flying, or fightin , instead of fighting.

common slang: ‘mam’ instead of mom, ‘like’ is often put at the end of sentences, randomly, example: “Where you going today, like?”, “La’” is used sometimes and means young man/boy, and is the same as lad.

!Not all lower class people will speak like this at all!

Upper-middle class

The upper class, tended to have a stereotypical southern accent (somewhat like the queens, yk?). Well pronounced and using proper English (bc the upper class would have had access to higher education)

However, here are some very posh expressions, only the elite would have said:

Pip Pip, which is a posh way of saying goodbye;

Jove, is an abbreviation of ‘Jehova’ which stands for god;

Poppycock, means nonsense;

Spiffing, is a posh way of saying excellent;

Beastly, is a posh way of saying that something is very unpleasant;

Jolly, is a word to make things sound more British English, for example: We’re having a jolly good time.

I’m going off, in the 50s-80s, when class was very much important and classes were extremely divided. Bc, that’s what I’ve learned ab. I know these dialects are still very common in Great Britain, however, I’m not sure if they’re class dividers or just ab where you live, in the present. Maybe a mix of both?

Anyways, I hope this somewhat helps!


Thank you so much!!!

I’m not writing a story based in that time period but I just want show that this character is not that same as the others!!

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