Character Scaling Glitch

Hey, is anyone else getting a weird glitch with their spot directed characters? It seems like any NEW characters I’ve made (ones I created today) are scaling to be larger than my old characters.

For example, in this photo I created the character in the black outfit (BBALLRIVAL4) months ago, and the character in red (ANTONIS) today. Both are spot directed to spot 1.058 XXX 155 in zone 1, however as you can see, ANTONIS is taller and his feet are placed slightly higher than BBALLRIVAL4. (The XXX is just so the characters don’t overlap).

Now when I click the characters, the old character BBALLRIVAL4’s code does in fact match the script:

But when I click the new character ANTONIS, his code is significantly scaled up from what I have in the script. Instead of being 1.058 as directed, he is at 1.111:

And then when I swap out ANTONIS for another old character created some time ago, such as BBALL3, the scaling is correct:

I have tried refreshing my episode, relaunching my writer’s portal, I’ve tried it in different story scripts, and on different backgrounds. The glitch continues.

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to fix it?


Yes! I’ve gotten this glitch as well. And its specifically only for the new characters? I’ve been trying to find a solution but eventually gave up and just used an old background character substitution.

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Yes, I’ve only seen it in new characters! Interesting, do you have any idea when this started happening for you? I’m in the process of submitting a ticket

It started earlier today… I waited a few hours and its still ongoing.

I’ve only noticed it today as well. Thanks so much for letting me know that it’s not just my portal, I wish I had noticed earlier because now I think all the coding I’ve done tonight is going to be wonky as I was working on a commission so they were majority new characters LOL. But hopefully Episode will see my ticket overnight/in the morning and advise.

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I’ve noticed this only happens to me with male characters.

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Oh good to know! I hadn’t tried it with a female character yet. So weird

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Yes I experience this too! I just created the character & it has a spot problem. I have no idea how to fix it. :sweat_smile: It looks okay in mobile previewer btw. Only the web previewer is glitching.

Oh you’re right! I just tried it on the mobile previewer. This is so strange!

Let’s hope this is just a temporary glitch or we will have to send a ticket.

I sent one in last night! But it was around midnight so it hasn’t been seen yet. I will make sure to report back when they answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright. Thanks!

This same thing happened to me in my story and it confused me so much, but it was female and female. I was spotting them both sitting down. This is what I got and got stumped too. Highlighted part shows that they’re in the same spottings just different x coordinates. The entire script shows that I literally copy pasted what they do and changed directions. They still are different sizes. It’s really irritating because it did it on both my web and mobile previewers.

Edit 1: I still have not found a fix to it, so please update me if you find one!
Edit 2: This started late Februrary for me. I first discovered it on Feb. 21, 2022, and decided against writing more on my ongoing and work on a draft for another story. I haven’t done much on that story since discovering the glitch.


Oh, so it’s been happening for a while for you then?? I did receive a response to my ticket, but all they did was link me to the beginner’s coding guide, which obviously isn’t a fix. I’ve emailed them back, we’ll see if they give me an answer.

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Yes! I’ve been experiencing this as well. I hope they can fix it ):

Hopefully they’ll send you a better follow-up, I hate those generic replies. This glitch really is odd :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

If anyone else wants to submit a ticket about this issue, please go ahead. So far they’ve only responded to me with generic answers and are not actually addressing the glitch, so more people reporting it can’t hurt.

Just as an update they have escalated my support ticket. As of this morning the glitch is still happening.

Hey, I have had the same thing as well but a bit diffrent. In my case i wanted to copy past a scene from my story TLW to my other story LS. When I do that 1 male character and 1 girl (transgender) are in the wrong spot. When i match the portal where the spot is higher then must with where the spot orginally came from it shows correct and in the one i pasted it in on its wrong. I retried about 5 times and till now i gave up. I hope we find a sulutions to this! Als im sorry if you all dont understand it. Its kind weird explaning hahha. Im happy i’m not the only one having this problem!

I seem to be dealing with the same thing too. And it seems to only be with new characters.

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