Character shop here! (COMPLETELY FREE!)

Hi, if anyone is stuck on making characters or outfits, place your requests here. I can do names and personalities if needed to.
I am making this because I see a lot of really basic and not very diverse characters in stories. I also know that many people hate taking precious time to make them all that they could be using on their stories. So please avail of my free service and I will try and get them to you as fast as possible.
Just PM me if you want to request some, but please no more than 20 at a time or I will become a bit overloaded. The smaller the order, the faster I will get done
The description is optional, and you can fill out as much or as little as you like :smile:

Place of birth:
Looks from 1-10:
Money from 1-10:
No. of friends:
Past trauma?:
Daredevil or cautious?:
How do they feel about themselves?:

Feel free to add more if you wish! :blush:
Oh and also, even if you see this post and it’s a year old, I will still be open so don’t hesitate :smile:


I’m gonna bookmark this… WheRe wErE yOu 2 dAyS aGo?!? I was suffering with all that when I created my new story 2 days ago :weary: I’ll bookmark this so when I’ll start the next one, I’ll ask you instead of sitting at my laptop for an hour starring at the screen doing nothing!!

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That sounds great, hope to hear from you soon :smile:

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Gender: Female.
Age: 16.
Place of birth: England.
Occupation: Pirate.
Period: 1500/1600.
Looks from 1-10: 9.
Money from 1-10: 1.
No. of friends: 2.
Glasses?: Nope.
Freckles?: No, but she has a scar.
Past trauma?: She’s an orphan.
Daredevil or cautious?: Definitely daredevil.
Education: None, except the pirate training.
How do they feel about themselves?: She’s very confident and sporty.

Ok, I’ll get it to you soon, tomorrow at the latest as it’s a very small order
Do you want an outfit with that?
Otherwise you will have to give her the scar yourself

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Sure I already have the outfit, thank you.

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Is the shop still open?