☆ Character Shop! ☆

Idea Stolen from: @Grimm_writez
(Sorry about that girl ^)

Hello! As said above this idea is stolen so you should check out her shop!

Welcome to my character shop! I can make you a character any character! Here is the request form.

  1. Boy/Girl
  2. Limelight/Ink
  3. Outfit style
  4. Any ethnicity?
  5. Any extras?
  6. Lastly, any genetics or real photos you want me to base it off of?

Thanks so much for checking out mine and again, huge thanks to @Grimm_writez for the idea!


I saw this and I was like “huh” lol. No worries :joy:! Thanks for the shoutout and I’m glad you like the idea. Good luck with your shop :heart:!


Good luck with YOURS! your idea is so genius. i could never :joy:


Thank you :pray:t5:!

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Hey, I asked @Grimm_writez for the same thing but I reaaaally need a crap ton of characters and I thought,

‘Hey, why not support both creators’

It’s a pretty tall order for just one person, so I’d be forever grateful if you could help a gal out. :wink:

Formal Request

So I have a story, both in LL and Ink. I need some interesting college students, and overall background characters. You can add as much details as you like, or as little, but I need some to look a little cray-cray as well as studious, jockey, preppy and the typical college kid look.

A.O. started on LL first - I believe - so if you can start on the Ink character’s first, that’d be super awesome. :blush:

As for looks, I want them to be diverse as possible. This is really important since the MC went to a High School that wouldn’t know what diversity was if it bit them on the nose… Like, don’t be shy with the different skin tone options.