Character shows up then does action

My character appears on screen before doing his action. I’ve tried to fix it but I have no idea why it conutines to happen. The character is Xavier by the way :face_holding_back_tears:

I think you need to place Xavier off screen first…because if you directly place him at where he’s supposed to be with a running animation, he’ll first appear and then do the action…

So basically it’s like,

&XAVIER spot x in zone x AND XAVIER faces left (This is the off screen part)
@pause for 2
@XAVIER walks to spot x AND XAVIER moves to layer x AND XAVIER does it while run_athletic_loop THEN XAVIER is idle_knife_angry_loop (This is the code where he’ll appear after running)

See if this works xx

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I did place him off screen as you can see in the screenshot on line 1066.

Where both characters appear in the screenshot is zone 1, but he happens to do the action after like 2 seconds of being on screen

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Ohh I see…Maybe this is happening coz you coded both places on the same line and when you preview it, I think it directly goes to the last spot of what you’ve coded instead of where you placed him at first…

(Hope you got what I said :sweat_smile:)

Try coding Xavier being off screen on a different line (Use @ command for this) and the spot where he should be on a different line.

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I’ve always code that way and it usually works but I have no idea why that happened.

I managed to fix it though thank you for helping :butterfly:

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Amazing! :sparkles: :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

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