Character sitting between zones

Itś really frustrating how my character is sitting in the edge of zone 2 smh


and pls don´t mind my story being named ´´ foot lmfao i couldn´t find a title so i decided to put a random word until i think of a title

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You’ll have to do that with trying and failing lol. I hate this so much too!
The screen width in a zoom is
zone 1: 0 - 320
zone 2: 321 - 640
zone 3: 641- 960.
So If you want to go further right in zone 1 (for example) but still ‘stay’ in zone 1, you’ll have to zoom on something like 350 or 360. Just try some coordinates over 320.

I wish there was another solution for this… :slight_smile: Hope this helps though.

Hey, if you can’t think of a title - I actually made a title shop thread earlier lol. Feel free to check it out! :blush: :tulip: Link below :arrow_down:

omg tysm lol

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tysm! :yellow_heart:

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