Character slides rather than walks

My character keeps sliding across rather than walking like I want her to
Once she enters it stops walking.
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Also I want her to be able to walk and talk at the same time is this possible?

@transition fade out black
@cut to zone 3

&MC enters from right to screen right

&follow MC to screen left in zone 1 and MC does it while walk_neutral

    MC (walk_neutral)


@MC exits left

You need to use the @ sign for these commands otherwise they’re all happening at the same time.


Ah thank you, is there also a way to make her talk as she is walking or is that not possible?

just use & instead of @ and anything that happens below it will happen at the same time
im pretty sure you don’t need to add

next to MC

That wasn’t working. It was making the character slide and not talk while walking

Use the @ sign for the entering command and use the & sign for the follow command then and you’ll need to remove the animation from the dialogue. But be warned if the reader taps too fast before she gets to zone 1, she’ll end up sliding again.

Try this?
@MC enters from right to screen right

&follow MC to screen left in zone 1 and MC does it while walk_neutral



@MC exits left

I had put it that and it was still sliding but once i removed it the from the talking function she walked but now she just randomly disappears when walking to the left in zone 1

because you put exit left

but she doesn’t make it to the left she like screen center when she disappears

idk im testing it out mine is working fine

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You’ll have to take out the dialogue to make it work smoothly.

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did you try mine that i sent?

yes i did

This is because of the dialogue. If you tap the dialogue before she finishes walking to zone 1, it skips/glitches to the exit command which causes her to just disappear

I have removed the exit and have it fade out and go to the next scene so she i still walking but it stops where I want it in the next scene

To make your character talk while walking you would just use an animation that has talk & walk in it and use that along with the code for wherever she’s walking to by adding AND MC does it while animationhere

&MC walks to spot 1.280 -87 -2 in zone 1 in 5 AND MC does it while walk_talk_neutral_loop

even with the code you used, you can replace the walk_neutral with a walk & talk animation.

LL animations:

INK animations:

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