Character spot direction trouble

How do i stop my characters from overlapping?

you use a feature on the portal called layering !

for example , if character 1 and character 2 are stood in a crowd together and character 1 is placed in front of character 2, but character 2 is showing up on top of character 1 for some reason; this is because you haven’t layered the scene correctly. so the coding would probably look something roughly like this

@CHARACTER1 spot [wherever it is] AND CHARACTER2 spot [wherever]

when actually, if if character 1 is meant to show up on top of character 2, it should look like this

@CHARACTER1 spot [wherever] at layer 2 AND CHARACTER2 spot [wherever] at layer 1

when layering, it’s important to remember that the higher the number, the closer to the front it will be ! so in this example, whilst character 1 is on top of character 2 , if character 3 were to show up in layer 10 then they would be on top of the other two characters. and if character 4 were to show up in layer 7 then they would be in between character 1 and character 3 (not sure if that made sense lol).

i hope this helped (:

Okay thank you I will try this later

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