Character talking from the phone

Hi guys! :innocent:

I dont know how to make that for example:

A girl walking in the street and suddenly her phone start ringing. And her mom speaking from the phone and dont appear on the screen.

How to make this dialogue?

Thank you! :grin:

Like do you mean the girl is talking on the phone but you can’t see the mom but you can see the dialouges and what she is saying?

no i just want that her mom β€œtalking” from the phone and the textbox appear only.
I dont need her mom be there

like somebody talking with somebody and just the text the important what he\she says

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oh ok I know what you are saying hold up let me make the code for you

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BACKGROUND NAME (add in yours)
@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone #
sound (add in the sound you want)
@CHARACTER is read_phone_neutral_loop
@pause for 0.5
@CHARACTER is text_phone_neutral_loop

CHARACTER (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
Add diaulouge
&CHARACTER is listen_phone_neutral_loop

Add dialouges

and repeat it so character then mom. You might need to change the animations because that might not be their real names.

thank you :innocent :innocent:
but i want that speak from the phone like this:


so the narrator solution not what i imagined

Oh ok! Then you have to put the mom offscreen!
So if
@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 1 then @MOM stands screen center in zone 2. That way she is offscreen

Then do
MOM (animation)


@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 1
@MOM stands screen center in zone 2 (she would be offscreen)

CHARACTER (animation)
Hey Mom!

MOM (animation)
Hey, where are you?

You would have to adjust the speechbubble for mom and place it on the phone.


ahw you are awesome :heart_eyes:
thank you!

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:joy::joy: no worries. If you need more help let me know!

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