Character Walking Directing Tip

Hey Episodians, I was wondering on how I can get my character to get to a spot then continue it.
On the script, I have it as this:
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.355 235 -2 in 1 and CHARACTER is walk_carry_box and CHARACTER faces left THEN CHARACTER walks to spot 1.355 -105 -8 in 1.5 and CHARACTER is walk_carry_box

I want to continue it without it stopping.

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There will be a mini pause since you’re talking about 2 locations, but there shouldn’t be any stops… and the script looks good so thats weird

Yeah, I agree. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe I should change it?

Instead of: is
Use: does it while

Oh my god!!! Thank you so so much!!! YOU’RE MY LIFESAVER!!!

No problem!

If everything has been solved, you can ask either @Sydney_H or @Jeremy to close this thread :smiley:

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