Character Walking from Opposite Side

Hello, not sure what I’m missing here, but for whatever reason MCREFLECTION character is entering from the opposite side instead of same side as MC, which makes no sense when they’re starting spot is exactly the same…

Here’s my code, hopefully I’m just being oblivious here.

@cut to zone 2
@zoom reset

&overlay UPKLYAK_MIRROR shifts to 160 0 in zone 1
&overlay UPKLYAK_MIRROR to layer 0

&MC spot 1.125 100 125 in zone 3 AND MC moves to layer 1
&MCREFLECTION spot 1.125 100 135 in zone 3 AND MCREFLECTION moves to layer -1
@MCREFLECTION changes into MC_default

    Director's Pause

&MC walks to spot 1.125 60 125 in zone 2 in 3.0
@MCREFLECTION walks to spot 1.125 55 135 in zone 2 in 3.0 AND MCREFLECTION does it while walk_neutral_rear AND MCREFLECTION faces right
&MCREFLECTION is idle_rear
@zoom on 340 445 to 315% in 0

Screenshot pls

You can see the reflection coming in from the left even though I’m sure she’s coded to be already in the right side…


What are you trying to accomplish, maybe I can help?

They should both be coming from the right, and for whatever reason even though they have the same starting spot the MCREFLECTION is coming from the left…

So you want them to show up on the opposite side from the screenshots if I’m correct?

If so, I can try with my own mirror reflection background/overlay to correct it the way you want

So the first screenshot she’s coming from the left, which doesn’t make sense.

I need both of them entering from the right side like a reflection would in real life.

So yes, one character needs to be coming in from the opposite of what they’re doing now, and that’s MCREFLECTION. MC is correct.

Perhaps this will help?
Though my characters are in zone 1, maybe try writing faces right before they walk in?

Remove this. This is the cause of the glitch. You don’t have to make the reflection character change into the outfit MC is wearing again. When you make the reflection character become the MC, all features and outfits will be exactly the same.

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Thank you! I thought I was going crazy there for a second, that fixed it perfectly :slight_smile: :blush:

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