Character walking out the scene big

I used spot directing on all my characters but when they exit out the scene , they are huge. What can I do about that?

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are you making them walk to spot in the same placements as they are in? it would be helpful to show an ss of the script too

I’ve had this same issue and used the same spot values, I hope your problem gets solved!

Okay give me a few minutes to show you the script

I hope this helps both of us !

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&zoom reset
&cut to zone 1
&THAIS spot 0.567 116 264 in zone 2 AND THAIS faces left AND THAIS is idle_sad_loop
&FAIRY AINE spot 0.569 194 263 in zone 2 AND FAIRY AINE faces left AND FAIRY AINE is idle_sad_loop
&QUEEN AURELIA spot 0.578 46 240 in zone 2 AND QUEEN AURELIA faces right AND QUEEN AURELIA is idle_sad_serious_loop
&STORM spot 0.652 59 381 in zone 1
&STORM is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop

@zoom on STORM to 110% in 7
@pause for a beat
&zoom reset
@pan to zone 2

@speechbubble is 160 326 to 100%
| bold |3 days later.
sound off

@speechbubble reset

music music_sadguitar_lp

    QUEEN AURELIA (talk_exhausted)
I just don't get it. It was working.
Wha..what went wrong?

    THAIS (idle_sad_serious_loop)
Only the Gods know. This never happened before.

    FAIRY AINE (talk_accuse_angry)
Well maybe if we didn't force this upon her for the third time, she wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place.

    FAIRY AINE (talk_argue_angry)
| bold |As if two times wasn't enough!

    FAIRY AINE (talk_argue_defensive)
You couldn't leave her be. What difference does it make if she's not one of us? If you were any bit of her mother, you wouldn't-

@THAIS faces right

    THAIS (talk_armscrossed_angry_loop)
| bold |That's enough Aine.
Did you hit your head too?
Remember this is the queen you're talking too.

@THAIS is talk_neutral
@QUEEN AURELIA is talk_neutral

    FAIRY AINE (talk_airquotes)
That's enough Aine.

    FAIRY AINE (talk_apathetic)
This village is flooded with doctors and not one can aid her.

    QUEEN AURELIA (talk_neutral_loop)
That's quite enough. I understand you're upset Aine, we all are.
I agree the doctors haven't been much help so with that being said I had to get one from Crysville.
She's the only one who can save my daughter
She's coming in tomorrow. So why don't we all just go and get some rest.
Every-thing will be fine again. I can assure you that much.

    FAIRY AINE (talk_apathetic)
With all due respect, I'll believe it when I see it.

    QUEEN AURELIA (talk_neutral)
That's understandable. Now let's go.
Tomorrow awaits us.

@QUEEN AURELIA exits left
@THAIS exits left
@FAIRY AINE exits left

Is this the solved code?

no thats my code

Oh ok, I’ll do my best to look through it to see if I can find anything but I’m still fairly new.

Thank you so much

From what I can see, I can’t find what the issue is since it looks to be in the right place with the spotting. I’ll keep combing through it though.

Oh wait! Maybe try having your characters walk to a spot out of frame with the same spot values as before.

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You exited them to the left.
You must use spot directing, otherwise they will exit in their resetted state, leaving them at 1.280.

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Now this @Jen_Jen is a professional. Lol I am in fact not XD

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I’m not that professional :joy:
I’ve been here for years. I understand but I’m not good if you get what I mean :sweat_smile:

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YAYYY it workssss !!

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I have another question I’m sorry. I needed help with a flashback scene. So I added the filters and everything but its going towards my current background scene not the flashback one

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