Character walking rear not facing right direction

I’m trying to make my character walk from the sidewalk to the door of a house. The problem, as you can see in the picture, the character is facing right when walking to the door. I want her to face left from the sidewalk (she’s starting facing left, like the other characters in the scene), then walk left to the door. I’ve started with her facing right (@LUCY faces right) because I know the character faces my left. I’ve tried facing the character right at the start, then faces left and right, and using the AND command.

Here’s the beginning code:

@zoom reset
@cut to zone 3
@LUCY spot 0.443 186 293 in zone 3
@LUCY faces right
@pause for a beat
@LUCY faces right AND LUCY walks to spot 0.191 124 460 in zone 3 AND LUCY is walk_neutral_rear

I’ve tried having the character face right and left, but nothing. I want the character facing left when she’s walking. What should I do? Thanks!

You need to change the order of your commands.

walk >> faces >> animation

Also, use “does it while” instead of “is” when having a character walk while doing an animation.

@LUCY walks to spot 0.191 124 460 in zone 3 AND LUCY faces right AND LUCY does it while walk_neutral_rear

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