Character walking, then sliding

Hi! I have a problem with my story. I have a character walk and talk on the phone into a scene and she is supposed to talk as they reach the spot, but, she walks into the scene, like normal, and then she slides for half a second, then speaks. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here, can someone help please? :love_letter:

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You have to use @ch walks to spot. AND does it while animation

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Thankyou so much for replying but unfortunately I have tried this. :pleading_face:

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Can you send me the video of thst scene?

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Of course! Here it is…

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Script too please?

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@CHAR walks to spot in zone AND CHAR does it while animation??

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Thankyou so much but still doesn’t work. :flushed:

@/EVERLYN walks to spot 1.280 213 5 in zone 2 in S AND EVERLYN does it while walk_talk_phone

^Indicate the seconds?

sorry but stays the same. Thankyou though :slight_smile:

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@/EVERLYN walks to spot 1.280 213 5 in zone 2 in S AND EVERLYN starts walk_talk_phone


In the dialogue, try other animation and check if thr problem still happens?


No luck :pleading_face: Thankyou so much!

@CHAR walks to SPOT in SECONDS (3 maybe) AND CHAR does it while ANIMATION??

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Use ‘and CHAR does it while’ (I know this what you had just don’t change it) and try the scene adding this line:
@pause for 1
After the line where the character enters but before the dialogue. Let me know if it works. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, first the scene the part when she enters and then put “does it while animation

then on the next line @pause for 1?

still no luck :sob:thankyou for trying

Try and put an pause in afterwards.

If the character walks for 3 seconds. Put an @pause for 3 also. :slight_smile: