Character walks behind the charascters instead of infront of them

my character walks like behind the characters instead of infront of them so now it looks like he is walking between their feets . . .

You have to layer the Characters.

It’s not working ! here this is what my script looks like . . . .


@ETHAN enters from left to spot 0.840 149 205 at layer -6

@ETHAN is think_rubchin

@HAYDEN enters from left to spot 1.011 198 132 at layer -5

@SAM enters from left to spot 0.970 252 158 at layer -7

@AJAX enters from left to spot 1.011 43 143 at layer -6

@SERENE enters from left to spot 0.915 102 167 at layer -6

@AVANT enters from left to spot 1.301 302 15

Who is supposed to be where?

You need to place your characters off screen and layer them and then make them enter with the @CHARACTER walks to spot % z y in s command

they are standing in the back ground while Avant is in front explaining the history of the building

Just Play with the layers a bit. Try Avant at layer 2 or 3

ok thank you

iif you use comand from the basic directing - like “enters from left” thay as I have understand tent to reset layers…so it what other sugest will not work… put them ofscreen by spot directing and than put them on layer and walk them again by spotdirecting.

It will even look beter because if you use enters from left the chracter has alvais standard hight and it often looks strange that he enters big and than walks somewhere gwting smaller…it looks more natura it you make hom to the desired size and put him offacrees so he realy walks from side to desired positioo…if you of cause do not want him for purpose look like he is walking away from (or to) screen.

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