Character walks to spot from previous scene

I have been trying to code this scene for ages but for some reason my character (Freddy) keeps walking to the spot from the previous scene despite the fact that I put new directions in. If anyone could help, that would be incredible. (also sorry for my messy coding)

@FREDDY walks to spot 0.250 345 560
@zoom on 320 568 to 165% in 4
@transition fade out black 1.5

@speechbubble is 160 139 to 90%
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@add Donut Chocolate Sprinkle to FREDDY
@TRISHA spot 0.797 -40 92 AND TRISHA moves to layer 3 AND DAISY spot 0.759 -199 97 AND DAISY moves to layer 2 AND FREDDY spot 0.937 -119 70 AND FREDDY moves to layer 1 AND STRANGER 13 spot 0.816 374 91 AND STRANGER 13 moves to layer 4
@TRISHA walks to spot 0.797 181 91 in 1.5 AND DAISY walks to spot 0.759 33 98 in 1.5 AND FREDDY walks to spot 0.937 106 72 in 1.5 AND STRANGER 13 walks to spot 0.816 374 91 in 1.5 AND TRISHA is walk_neutral AND FREDDY is walk_neutral_offset_loop AND DAISY is walk_talk_neutral_loop THEN TRISHA is idle_phone_neutral_loop AND DAISY is dustoff_neutral_loop AND FREDDY is eat_food_hand_neutral
@pause for 1
&DAISY is talk_agree_happy
TRISHA (talk_read_phone_neutral)
Ok, so I think we take the next left down that path on the right.


and you also just have FREDDY, you need to add an @

Maybe try ‘does it while’ instead of ‘is’ in the walking animations. Like this:

`@CHARACTER walks to [position] in [time] AND CHARACTER does it while [walk_animation]

thanks : )

I tried that but it didn’t work. Thanks tho.

You forgot to put the zone’s so like zone 1, zone 2 or zone 2 maybe that’s why… :woman_shrugging:t4:

Omg that worked!? idek how but thanks so much!!

Lol no problem.

She just wrote that to tell us where the previous scene was and Freddy doesnt have an @ because its continued from AND

Just a tip, rather than using AND in one big long line to direct multiple characters at once - you can tidy up your script by using & instead of @ to simultaneously direct characters at the same time. E.g.

&CHAR 1 walks to spot x in x AND CHAR 1 faces right
&CHAR 2 walks to spot x in x AND CHAR 2 faces right

And when you want the simultaneous directing to stop, you can use the @ command for the last character if that makes sense.


&CHAR 1 walks to spot x in x AND CHAR 1 faces right
&CHAR 2 walks to spot x in x AND CHAR 2 faces right
@CHAR 3 walks to spot x in x AND CHAR 1 faces right

That is so useful, thank you so much! How did i never think of that?

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Just thought it would be so much easier for you to spot errors in smaller sections rather than paragraphs :slight_smile:
Good Luck!

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