Character will not populate in scene

So, I am trying to animate four characters walking across a scene (as if they’re walking down a sidewalk). My issue is, two of these characters will not enter the scene, for whatever reason.

I used the coding: “@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center”
I saved the edit and updated the script so I could follow along.
He will not spawn whatsoever.

Could you post a screenshot of your code?

Which characters/lines are not appearing? Maybe add the zone to where the character is walking.

The very last line (274). That character will not enter the scene.
The thing is, I originally had him entering and then walking to another zone, so he would
walk off the screen. He wasn’t entering, so I just simplified the code to see if he would enter at all. He simply won’t show. :pensive:

Are you previewing it on a computer or in the app?

Do you have any lines following 274? If so can you post a screen shot of the next few? I’m not noticing anything wrong with that line.

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I’m previewing it in the app on my phone. Everything has worked well up until that point.
I made sure to update the script, and I even existed out of the app and restarted it.

That’s the problem, it seems. :joy: That’s where the code ends for now. I originally had two other characters walking into the scene and then off the screen as planned, but Silas and Naoki weren’t spawning. So, I deleted all the code and simply had Silas enter the scene, to see if he would enter. He never did.

It’s so frustrating. I was thinking of cutting the scene altogether, even though I really wanted it in there. I wonder if it’s a bug of some sort. :thinking:

Try adding a pause after the line and see if he enters.

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Yeah, it definitely sounds like a bug to me. Everything you’ve shown us looks fine so there should be no reason for him not to spawn. The only other thing I could think of you trying is to see if it works in the previewer on the computer? That and maybe that pause Purple mentioned might “wake it up” or something, lol.

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I tried this, and he spawned.
So, I took it a step further and added a line of code for him to walk to a position in the next zone, and he didn’t spawn.

I took all of the code out, coded him to enter the scene, added the pause again, and he didn’t spawn. I’m thoroughly convinced it’s a bug or something.

I hate to hear that. It’s extremely exasperating.

In that case, I’d recommend to you (and bnmfxo if you haven’t already) to file a support ticket to Episode and see if they can help you with it.
Here’s the link:

Sorry, that we weren’t of much help. :disappointed:

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It’s okay, darling. You both were plenty supportive. :heart:
Que sera sera! :sweat_smile:

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