Character will walk in normally, but when I try to make her stand in a certain place, she won't show up!

Hey guys !! The title basically says it all. I don’t know why this is happening to only one of my stories, I tried it on another and it works fine??

Can you show us your script?

Specify the zone that you want her standing in. It’d look like:
&BELLA stands screen center in zone #

Also put:

after that standing because otherwise, it’ll just go straight to the next scene which is the INT. BLACK - NIGHT, which is probably why it might not be showing up the way you want it to. Putting the


gives you a bit of a pause while you continue to write and direct. Otherwise the script will just move onto the next thing because there’s no dialogue or action happening in the island bedroom.

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thank you so much !!

You’re welcome, bb.

Also make sure you cut to the zone you wanna be in, after you place her position.

&BELLA stands screen center in zone 2
@cut to zone 2

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