Character won't appear in previews?

Hey guys! I’m writing my first story and I think I did the placement right, since I’ve tried it 5 different ways and the editor isn’t detecting any errors… but for some reason my main character won’t show up in the preview? am I missing something? thank you!

Are you using the website preview or the app?

My previewer isn’t working either. I think it might be a bug. I posted a notice in the “glitches” section.

The web previewer has been glitchy.
My advice: submit ticket to admin and use the app to preview your story.


I have the same issue…in the app when I preview my story… my character either isn’t showing up or their faces are invisible or naked xD I think it’s a glitch and I heard that most of the authors have the same problem :heart:

Hey guys, I figured it out. It turns out that I was coding for limelight
when I picked spotlight at the beginning… whoops.
As for not seeing customized characters in the app, usually I just quit it
and come back and it works.

I’m not using the spotlight one, it still refuses to work.

Logging out or…
Refreshing the page,
Hopefully that would help!