Character wont enter zone?

Can someone please tell me why my Character KOLBY wont enter? It says theres no errors in my script but when I make him enter, he is no where to be seen… I’ll post my script.


@cut to zone 3

@zoom on 908 282 to 253% in 0

@KYLIE spot 0.416 258 394 in zone 3

@KYLIE faces right AND KYLIE is listen_phone_sad_loop

@pause for 2.6

@speechbubble is 162 327 to 100% with tail_top_right

(Mom, please pick up.)

@speechbubble reset

@pause for 2.5

@zoom reset

@KOLBY enters from left to screen center in zone 3

Your scene is already happening in zone 3. So it isn’t neccessary for you to add in zone 3 when Kolby enters, just do this:
@KOLBY enters from left to screen center

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^ I agree. No reason to add zone 3 to the name since it is taking place in zone 3.
If you are wanting your character to enter the scene while in the zooming instead of popping up.
You would do:
@KYLIE walks to spot 0.416 258 394 in (however amount of seconds go here) then you can add a animation if you want.

@KYLIE walks to spot 0.416 258 394 in 3 AND KYLIE is walk_neutral AND KYLIE faces (left or right depending on your scene)

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Ok haha, thank you so much!

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Ohhh okay. Thank you!

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Solved and closed. :smiley:

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