Character wont follow spot directions

I’m trying to use forums less as my topics keep getting taken down but this has been driving me mental for hours.

This character keeps staying at spot 1.012 146 116 in zone 2 when I’ve moved him to spot 0.938 152 116 in zone 2. Any ideas why?

Can you show your script?

I’ve rewrite it at the bottom and highlighted it so you can see clearer

move the “cut to zone 2” on the line after

Okay, the coding seems correct, so it may be a glitch. However, the character won’t be at spot 0.938 152 116 since you have it at spot 0.944 164 135 in your script.

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yeah sorry i kept redoing it to make it work so It wasn’t the same exact sop each time, i just really wanted them smaller to actually fit the scene

that doesn’t make a difference x

Were you able to fix it? You could try previewing in the app to see if the spot is correct there. If it’s not, maybe you should send a ticket or wait and see if it works itself out.

unfortunatley not, honeslty I just redid the entier scene with different people but the same problem happened but it looked ok in the portal