Character won't sleep and my kissing animation ain't working when rear

My title says it all help!

Please always post your script when asking for help, so it’s easier for us to see if we spot a mistake :smiling_face:

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You need to put your character onto the screen first, you can’t immediately make them do an animation
@NAME stands screen (center,left,right) and NAME starts (animation) AND NAME faces left

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Thanks for the kissing scene here’s it’s script

It she doesn’t face the right direction even tho i put the face direction command

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you didn’t face her the right direction, so when using a (rear) animation you need to use the opposite, so make her face the opposite of the direction she’s facing now @NAME starts kiss_makeout_loop_rear AND NAME faces right

also I see that you have a music error, you need to take off the @ in front of music


Omg thanks so much:)

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You’re welcome! :smiling_face:

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