Character won't stay sitting



Hey guys, so I have 2 of my characters sitting for a dinner scene with a table overlay, however, the one character (ALEX) comes into the screen instead of starting the screen already sitting. The other character (LOGAN) sits until his first dialogue and then he stands. I want him to sit through the whole scene until the end. I am going to include my script so you guys can tell me what I am doing wrong! Thank you!

@Maxine_Aaron spot 1.280 249 20 AND LOGAN faces left AND LOGAN is sit

@ALEX spot 1.280 121 -69 AND ALEX faces right AND ALEX is sit

    ALEX (talk_greet)
Hi babe! You look great!

    LOGAN (talk_flirt)
And you look good enough to eat.

    ALEX (idle_awkward)
You shush.
So, what's the occassion?

    LOGAN (talk_flirt)
I didn't realize I needed an occassion to take my beautiful girlfriend out.

    ALEX (talk_awkward)
Of course not, I just thought th-

    LOGAN (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
Thought what? That I would propose?
When are you going to stop with this! I told you I'm not ready.

    ALEX (talk_angry_accuse)
And when will you be ready! We've been together for 4 years Logan!
I don't think I can wait any longer. Coming tonight was a mistake.

ALEX is stand_up

ALEX exits

    LOGAN (talk_call_out)
Alex wait!


You have to use the sitting animations for them to talk while sitting. The other animations are all for standing. So unless it says sit in the name, the animation will make them stand.


@stephp99 is correct. If you want them to stay seated and have a conversation you have to use the sit animations.
To me there aren’t many…
This might seem a little advanced but, If you want to use those regular animations but make it appear as if their sitting; this is how I do it.

The characters are automatically in the standing position.
Have the characters upper body lined up with the chair as if they’re sitting.
Zoom in only on their Upper body throughout the conversation and you can use those regular animations. (Without people knowing their standing up.)

If you want to zoom out and show them sitting, put them back in the sit animation.

It’s advanced but it’s all about the zooming.


If you’re using an overlay just spot them low and use regular standing animations.


Lol, that just summarized everything I said. :rofl:


Lol I didn’t read it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But now I did, you said about zooming, I said about the overlay…
Yours good too though.

But if @DestinyRachel is using an overlay, it’s really easier to just spot them low…

I use a lot of advanced directing, but that’s really the simplest way


Thank you! I feel stupid now :joy: I just started and there is so much to learn.


That’s okay! We all start somewhere :slight_smile:


Thank you!! I ended up using an overlay and spotting them low, it’s so much easier especially since I just started.


Thank you! That’s exactly what I did. It’s much easier.


Glad this was resolved and thanks to everyone for the assist! Closing thread :slight_smile: