Character won't walk into spot

Ok, so I’m trying to get the character in front of the camera. I don’t know what spot she is in, and she is off stage. Like not on the screen or on the background. I put her in zone 3, and asks me to include “in” in the sentence. I do @ELLA walk to zone 1. It asks me to put the number. But she isn’t on the screen or background. How do I get her on the screen? I even put stand in zone 3, and it says include in.

use @ELLA enters from right/left to screen right/center/left

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I just figured it out, thank you tho

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I know you said you figured it out, but you can always spot direct them off screen then have them walk into the zone you want

For example (if it’s in zone 1):
@CHARACTER faces right/left and CHARACTER moves to layer x and CHARACTER spot x y z in zone 1 then CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in zone 1 in T and CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral

The X Y Z is your spot directing and T is for time as how long you want them to take to enter/get to the spot

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I know you said you figured it out, but just for future ref in case you ever want a character to stand there without “entering” the screen from the side first, you can add commands like:

@ELLA stands screen left/center/right

Here’s a picture from one of Dara’s guides if you want to add your character(s) to other spots on-screen as well:

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