Character Zone/ Layering


I’m sure this is stupid and I’m overthinking this but I’m having an issue with my script.

I need my character to walk in from the right. Character is entering the screen where another character is already sitting. I need them in zone 2 and at layer 1.

I’ve tried to script this with spot directing and it’s not working. Instead they walk in from the left and are walking backwards. :frowning:

Does anyone know how I need to script this to make it look right and yet be in the zone and layer I need them in?

Thanks in advance.


Let’s see your script, hun



Before you add Tony, make sure to put,:
@ANNA moves to layer 0
Then, have @TONY enters from right to (spot) and TONY moves to layer 1


You can’t use the “enters from” when using spot directions. Which is why he enters oddly:

I have made a guide on this. #1 should help:


Omg yeah, my character is actually short so I have to have her in a spot off the screen and then do @CATALINA walks to (spot)


Thanks for everything! I appreciate it so much! I might get the hang of this one day lol


And I peeped that chair overlay credit! I see you, girl :blue_heart:


Practice makes perfect!! (Well not technically perfect, but yah know what I mean.)


That chair overlay worked perfect!


I dunno lol I keep trying! I never realized how much went into this until I started working on my first story. Hopefully I’ll catch on at some point. :smile:


So glad to hear it :hugs:


Get the solution you needed @broadwaystargem? :slight_smile:


Yes! And I am beyond happy :slight_smile:


I’m so glad to hear you’ve been helped out and feel so happy! Closing thread :slight_smile: