CHARACTERS: Adding children


Hello! I hope I’m not repeating any topic.

It would be really great to add normal children (kids, teens) as characters. It is really frustrating to depict regular characters as children, because it looks so unnatural.


I really want kid characters in episode! Who's with me?
Children? Did you mean, small adults?
Need more customization option of children (INK version)
Hey! I tought we should make a list of features we would like to see in episode!
Actual Kid/children animations
Actual Kid/children animations
FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!



Support all the way! It looks so unnatural to have a kid with an adult body


Definitely! We need this feature.


Not only this but body weight and not just people with 6 packs. Different size bust and chest would be nice. Short/tall and overall just more actual diversity


I agree 100%! A lot of people have said that they find the characters unrealistically skinny, but actually, I find the men too buff. One of my male characters is supposed to be skinny, but all of the male bodies have six packs and broad shoulders. We should be able to make our characters fat, thin, chubby, average weight, etc… as well as different heights.


We definitely need to have this feature! Toddlers, kids and preteens.


Support :slight_smile: It’s somewhat fine for male bodies, for ink they don’t have broad shoulders & stuff, but the female body that we have doesn’t agree with the spotting we do to make characters look young. (I don’t make sense? Well… It’s genetic.)


Hi @MdSava and thanks for contributing your suggestion! Please make sure your thread does not get closed or deleted by following the Feature Request Guidelines. If you have nay further questions feel free to reach out to @Ryan or myself. Thanks!


I totally support!! We especially need toddlers


Hi, Jeremy! Did I do everything right?


I agree!




We really need this. Its so annoying if you check some of the stories episode created they ara allowed to change body weight but we can’t. Totally support this


Yessssss, I am here for all of this! More options for diversity would be amazing, and I always hate how weird it looks seeing an adult but just shorter portraying a kid.


We need this feature!


totally agree with you


Yes, please! Just shrinking adults is the creepiest thing. I avoid stories with kids specifically for this reason - writing OR reading!


I agree with this. Episode should add it to the character customization menu and have certain heights for certain age groups (toddler, preteen, teen, adult). This would make directing easier and encourage me to add more people of different heights in my stories. They should also give the option to change body sizes (bust, hips, etc) to make room for more gender diversity


omg yass I’ve always wanted to have children and teens in my stories D: