CHARACTERS: Adding children




We really need this.


I soo support!!:heart:


it’s not tho … she is talking bout children not body shapes


I support currently creating a story and I had to age up the characters as the child of the MC was suppose to be 5 and it creeped me out too much so aged her up to 13.


I need CHILDREN AND TODDLERS as well. They can all look the same except for hair, eyes, and skin for all I care. It’s just really restrictive only have teens/YA characters.


Agreed! I fully support!


Maybe add a new shell (like we have a male and a female shell) and make it look like a child’s body (that has different proportions and no breast). It could also be a chance to add different body types (someone a little more curvy, for example)


do you mean having curvy children?


LOOL, no, I mean, there could be children AND curvy adults. I was trying to point out some interesting (different) shells to be worked on


oh ok lol.




Not only do I want children and baby characters, but I want to have different body sizes and shapes because it’s important to my characters story and I want to make diverse characters so, the next feature episode should work on is different body shaped character and probably children in that category.




I agree! Support


You can make a child effect, but I agree with you. We should make a petition


Nope. people will just do weird things with them. There’s already too many “young girls pregnant by their 30 year old teacher/tutor/step father/boyfriends father” stories. If we had characters that actually looked like kids it would be 10 times as weird. DONT DO IT EPISODE. dont give these creeps children :joy::joy::joy: However ill like to see babies instead of colorful blankets shaped like babies. Or at least a baby overlay like the way they have the pets in the bag. That would be sweet.


SUPPORT :smiley: of course.


Yesss I agree too. It would be better to if we could change people’s body shapes because not everyone is skinny and we can’t always use those maternity tops for the overweight people as it looks too…weird xD


I 100% support.