CHARACTERS: Adding children


Having to shrink the size of the character to make it look like a child doesn’t look natural too and it’s so troublesome so YES adding children is very much needed.

Body Size!!!
Different category for accessories so you don’t need to create a whole new outfit just to show that the character took off its hat … heheh




Also it doesn’t work for males :joy:


Ikr :joy: looks like the male children have abs


Omg yes😍


Support 100%!!!


I support


This is a brilliant idea really!


It would enhance the fun and joy of writing




Support! Even if there isn’t a sliding scale for body types (which I would love), there should definitely be a choice between child and adult/teenager when you’re customising!


Support! It is really weird when you want to make the character be, idk, 5 years old and it looks like a very very very short adult. :smile: I really like the idea. :+1:


This is a great idea!




And maybe the Episode team won’t have to fit every outfit to the character. It could have a special “Kids” catalog or something?


I both support and am kind of against this. I think the reason EPISODE hasn’t put children in stories is because some people can be really messed up and will probably make some messed up story about some messed up things. So for that reason, I really don’t want children in EPISODE.


I really want kid characters in episode! Who's with me?

I dunno, I feel like this is kind of a weak argument because people on episode just tend to be nasty anyway. Episode never made an animation for two people to hump, yet there are literally hundreds of stories where the author gets the characters to bump nasties. I’ve already seen a story with pedophilia in it, even before people were asking episode for children characters, so I think gross people are always gonna be two steps ahead lmfao.


Yeah well, it wasn’t really an argument, it was just my thoughts as to why they don’t allow it, same other websites do the same thing.


(Sorry, not in the debating mood, in more of the I want to go to sleep and die mood right now)


Absolutely yaaaas! support xo


r u OK???