CHARACTERS: Adding children


Don’t worry, I just get like that sometimes, it’s all good.



I agree, we need at add children and we really need more body shapes. :grinning:


SUPPORT 100% SUPPORT I really hope Episode reads this, we really need Chidren shapes, and clothes too but yeah.


I agree. Adding children that LOOK like children will make the story more realistic.


Agreed! I fully support!:clap:t3::two_hearts:




I agree, the body for females don’t work for Characters that are under 12.


Yes please!


How about a scaler for bodies- chests and bellies- when you crwate a character?


You guys to FOREVER to please our needs and request like are you even trying at all ??? We ask for simple things and changes and it’s like you all don’t care :rage::rage::rage:. When the app updates only stupid stuff gets fixed and changed like seriously :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rage:. We asked for more clothes in different INK you barely gave us that. We asked for childern you didn’t even attempt to give us that. We asked for more pregnancy clothing in all INK you messed that up. We asked for ore royal :crown: crowns and clothing you didn’t succeed at that to much. I’m just fighting for our rights with episode everyone likes it and i just want to see better on writers portal and the app FAST. I would love to see every last need and request in the next update.


Well someone’s pissed…:skull:LMAO! Don’t take it out on poor @Jeremy! He’s not the art designer, I’m pretty sure he’s only the moderator.


Fully support!!


Although I understand your impatience, it doesn’t mean that you should take in out on others that can’t change our implement anything on Episode, if anything you can just address the situation to the Episode Team but not on a moderator.

Another point I’d like to add is that the Episode Team are just trying their best to please the readers, they already gave us the option to express our ideas, if the idea is agreed by the majority of the community, they’ll try to prioritize to implement those ideas to Episode.

Plus, an update isn’t something that can be done or achieved overnight, it might take hours and hours, days and days until it is finished. Patience is the key.


Something else that would be great and probably needed: Don’t make all animations available for the younger characters.
It’s probably extra work, but if they can implement appropriate animations for the kids, that would be great.
Or you can choose between types of characters during the create a new character. Children, then there’s the teens/adults option. That part sucks because “teens” is a gray area :confused:
Lastly, and this may be the hardest thing to do: Don’t allow certain animations within the same zones or close spots to the kids.
Like if children aren’t programmed to kiss or grind, then do something to not allow spot directing where the adults do something suggestive while being close to the kids.
Not sure if this is possible, but it would be great if Episode did this with the utmost precaution.


I agree so so so much! We definitely need more options and looks for our characters!


Bump :blush:


Love :heart_eyes: this idea!!


YES! When you just change the character’s sizes, the girls’ still have breasts?


This is an awesome idea!

And if they don’t do it, then the baggy heart sweaters make female INK children look a little more like children. It’s the best thing I could find so far.


Totally support!!!