CHARACTERS: Adding children


Pretty sure I’ve already posted on here but yknow what, I’m just gonna bump this again because Episode’s gone through three styles and none of them have kids


I think it would be great to have children and different body types but I don’t think Episode will do it, unfortunately. I read on another post that they already said that they couldn’t do different body types because of the huge load of work it would require. Because it would mean that they need to build from scratch the body types but also redo all the animations, clothes, even characters features to match those. I think the same goes for adding children.

So I don’t think we will see those features added any time soon, even if Episode wanted to do them ( and they don’t seem to want to ).


I support this


@MdSava I agree


I totally agree! In my story my main character has younger siblings but they are the same size as their much older sister. SUPPORT! :heart:


i support it!! x


I can help you resize her. You’ll need the previewer, the app, tutorials.




lol, whatt


I support this idea!


I hate this


I guess they don’t do it coz some stories may include triggering and disturbing scenes including children and they don’t want that (such as child rape) and episode won’t want that to be featured in a story so that’s why they don’t allow characters to look like kids


SUPPORT! I need this!


Totally support this! I definitely need this for my story!




If you would like your character to be a kid just make them look as young as possible and in all the scenes you want them in, spot direct them to be kid sized.

(To make them look like a kid I suggest kiddy hairstyles like pigtails etc)

Idk how you would do teens though I think you would just customize a normal character but make them look different from your adult characters?

I personally support this myself though these are just shortcuts.




Huge SUPPORT! :heart:


Yes, definitely.