CHARACTERS: Adding children


But that’s just running away from the problem.

If we add kids then we can identify who is using them for sick and twisted purposes.

If you are thinking about the dark side of how children will be portrayed in episode then I really feel sorry for you.

Children are children and many families in real life adore them. Episode needs them. the large majority of normal episode readers would use them in the normal way, as a part of the family.








I actually don’t think they have to redo all those things. They could use all the joints and everything but just change the edges a little, They have custom body shapes for their stories, why can’t they give them to us?




YES SUPPORT this is a needed feature so much


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yes please because its hard not to put the children in heels so please also more children clothing options


Support! Girl children look so odd because they’re full developed everywhere. :joy:




SUPPORT!!! I would LOVE for it to be a little more clear on who are the kids and who are the adults in the stories! :grin:




My total support!! I would love that!


yeah! they look like small adults.


YES! We NEED children!!!


Support! :heart:


Support! We need this!


Bump ^^