CHARACTERS: Adding children


They are already potrayed this way. Not so much thinking about it more so making an observation on what I have already seen. However I agree that it would be easir to get rid of a lot of these garbage stories but it shouldnt come to that. Why wait for them to do what we know they will do when you can nip it in the bud ahead of time.


Wow why’d you take such a long time to reply :laughing:

All jokes aside, This shouldn’t be a reason they decide not to add children. If they were so worried about this then they wouldn’t have made the app


lol Im just now noticing your response. I dont think I got a notification or something. I clicked on the thread and saw it :joy::joy::joy::joy: But yes thats true.


I can’t remember if I already replied to this thread but extra support anyway!








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Support x10000


SUPPORT 10000.000.000% :smile:






Support! It would make the stories so much better.


While I and many others understand why you’re so upset, there’s no need to take it out on poor Jeremy there. He doesn’t have any control over what happens with the updates, and I find your tone quite bratty and disrespectful.


Amen to that!

Episode should make this a feature to follow their own guidelines of diversity. :wink:

I have made a little sister for one of my characters, and I have to put her i hoodies and over sized clothes (which there aren’t enough of) to hide the boobs she’s not supposed to have.

I also think there should be more clothes that are a little less revealing and maybe a pregnant belly that’s actually skin and not clothes.