CHARACTERS: Adding children


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idk, if i supported this already but i’m supporting again! :heart:




I support this 100%












Support all the way! Wow people are still commenting till this day.


Yes but at the same time when I’m writing a story and one of the characters is a 9 year old sister it’s a bit hard to make it not obvious that it’s not a shrunken avatar because most 9 years don’t have DD cup boobs or 8 pack abs :joy: I hate the inappropriate stories too though but we can report them


I agree. It’s honestly weird to make a little baby character who already looks seventeen.


Yea me too


Support!! :raised_hands:


But those stories will be removed or reported regardless. I am a single-mother and writing my first story and still trying to figure out the mechanics of this and think it would really help! Especially if you write about kids or have a true story, etc.


Support! We need children


Completely agree! I get that this is very hard to orchestrate, but in theory, they only need to add 1 body type for children (children’s bodies look pretty much the same regardless of gender). They could add this one child body type, and slowly add more clothing options for it, both traditionally feminine and masculine. Even if we only had a few outfits to choose from at the beginning, it would still be better than having to use adult models!


I agree with you! Children tend to look the same anyway XD




I agree 100%. I’m currently making a story that was supposed to use a four year old boy, but I had to change him to ten because his shoulders are far too broad.