Characters appearing

Hey guys!
I was just wondering how to make my characters appear in a scene straight away?
From example -
When I start a new scene with a different background, the characters always take a few seconds to pop up.
I’ve seen in stories that it’s possible to have characters already in scenes, I just can’t figure it out :frowning:

This is the coding -

@zoom on 0 235 to 112% in 0
@transition iris in 5
@zoom on 0 235 to 112% in 0
&CHARLOTTE spot 0.749 235 214 AND AMBER is talk_unsure
@AMBER faces right
&AMBER spot 0.749 166 210 AND AMBER is listen
&VIOLET spot 0.749 -86 215

Thank you so much!

Put the @CHARACTER spot before the transition iris
Like this
&transition iris
Use the & instead of @ with the transition

&transition iris didn’t work :frowning:

Did you try &transition iris in black in 5?

yeah, it’s not working for some reason :*(

I don’t have my laptop handy so I can’t double check myself, but try using @ instead of &

Remove the “in” between 5 and black

Remove the “in”

You need to put your characters, zooms and cuts before the transition and use the & sign:

&CHARLOTTE spot 0.749 235 214
&AMBER spot 0.749 166 210 AND AMBER faces right AND AMBER is animation *
&VIOLET spot 0.749 -86 215
&zoom on 0 235 to 112% in 0
@transition iris in black in 5

You can’t use the & sign before the transition command.

@CHARACTER stands (position) AND CHARACTER faces (direction) and does it while (animation)


@CHARACTER stands (position) AND CHARACTER faces direction

@CHARACTER is animation